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Investment Thesis
Investment Thesis

High-growth companies that are both transformational and scalable are as desirable as they are hard to find and often come at a premium at later investment stages.

Over the last decade, the B2B category has come to epitomize value for investors hunting the next billion-dollar startup, particularly B2B SaaS platforms. B2B startups offer a higher return at a lower risk, particularly when compared with their B2C counterparts. Fittingly, investments in B2B SaaS have exploded these past few years as the verticalization of SaaS across all operating functions within the enterprise approaches a tipping point.

Click below to download our investment thesis for insights into what factors are driving our investments, including:

  • Why B2B companies are high value and low risk, offer better returns; and perform better in recessions compared to B2C Companies
  • An analysis of how Revel looks at the B2B Tech landscape, including sectors and trends we are particularly bullish on
  • An overview of the Revel's investment history