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Revel Partners

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Revel’s mission is to champion the next generation of B2B software visionaries. Our portfolio companies capitalize on our successful entrepreneurial heritage, our global network and our business acumen to help grow their businesses to unparalleled differentiation and scale.

We know how successful technology companies are built and our goal is to partner with great entrepreneurs who are as determined, visionary, and passionate as we are about creating the next industry-leading company.



Stage Focus:   We invest at the post-revenue Seed to Series A stage, where a company has gotten some initial sales traction but needs a capital infusion to accelerate adoption, product development & grow the team.


Investment Size:  Our typical initial investment ranges from $250,000 to $1.5 million.


Sector Focus:  We invest in B2B SaaS and marketplaces where the pressure to innovate translates into great opportunity. It’s an area we know intimately having founded and built our own companies in the space.


Geographic Focus:   United States & Western Europe. We actively support our companies to expand internationally when they’re ready.


What We Look For:  We invest in people;  innovators that can see opportunities others cannot and know how to take advantage of them.  We want entrepreneurs who have a deep understanding of their market, a pioneering view of the future and a strategic plan to execute.



Our portfolio includes a roster of talented entrepreneurs and management teams who are developing products & services that empower the enterprise.

  • CEO: Tucker Cottingham
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Website: Lawyaw.com

    Headquartered in San Francisco and founded in 2016, Lawyaw is a technology company building innovative natural language processing systems to push the boundaries and discover new computational and mathematical properties of language. Their mission is to build the most intelligent, powerful, and intuitive legal document automation platform in the world.

  • CEO: Nathan Resnick
    Location: San Diego, CA
    Website: TrySourcify.com

    Sourcify is an automated sourcing platform providing a straightforward way to source products from overseas factories. Pre-vetted factories, real-time messaging with suppliers, product specification tools, and a team of dedicated sourcing experts makes running your production needs through Sourcify simple, reliable, and safe.

  • CEO: Mark Silva
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Website: KiteSRM.com

    KITE is a smarter way to manage and navigate the startup ecosystem. Solve business business challenges and unlock exponential growth through the KITE SRM — Startup Relationship Management — platform, expert analyst access and managed Open Innovation programs.

  • CEO: Aki Balogh
    Location: Boston, MA
    Website: MarketMuse.com
    MarketMuse uses AI to accelerate content creation.  By analyzing massive amounts of web content, the MarketMuse platform builds content outlines that show marketers exactly how to write to cover a topic comprehensively.  CreditLoan, BigCommerce, InterContinental Hotels Group and over 100 other brands use MarketMuse to improve content quality, realizing 5X+ gains in productivity and search performance.
  • CEO: Abdul Naushad
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Website: Buckzy.net

    Buckzy Payments is dedicated to building the worlds first open real-time ecosystem for enabling consumers and small businesses to send and receive money instantly, 24×7, 365 days

  • CEO: Nelson Chu
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: WithCadence.io

    Percent is unlocking access to exclusive high yield, short term investments traditionally reserved for institutions.

  • CEO: Donny Ouyang
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Website: BlackCart.co

    BlackCart makes online shopping risk-free, boosting conversions and AOV, while giving your customers a frictionless shopping experience they’ll love.

  • CEO: Sunil Madhu
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: Instnt.org

    Instnt helps businesses sign-up more customers without the related friction, costs, or identity fraud loss liability.

  • CEO: Ed Laczynski
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: zype.com

    Zype is a cloud-based video technology service for premium video content owners to build, scale and manage direct-to-consumer streaming destinations.  Zype makes it easy for premium content owners to deliver branded mobile, set-top, and web apps directly to consumers without requiring IT. Headquartered in New York, the company was founded by veteran technology and cloud entrepreneurs Ed Laczynski and Chris Bassolino.

  • CEO: Michael Hyman
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Acquired by AOL

    Vidible is the premiere multi-device exchange for distributing and discovering video.  From content sellers needing to expand their reach while maximizing yield, to buyers looking to incorporate video content into their sites, businesses choose Vidible as the premium, trusted programmatic platform. Acquired by AOL.

  • CEO: Ari Brandt
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: receptiv.com

    Receptiv is the only in-app mobile video ad platform connecting brands to receptive users during meaningful moments to increase ad performance by 300 percent. Receptiv combines emotional targeting with precise audience intelligence via Motiv, its first-party data management platform built on insights from 150 million DeviceIDs. Founded as MediaBrix in 2011 and named an Adweek Top Mobile Innovator, Receptiv puts human experience at the center of digital advertising, available via both programmatic and managed service to create contextualized brand engagements during 500 million key moments every month, across more than 1,300 premium apps. Receptiv delivers measurable value for the world’s leading brands, including Mars, Coca-Cola, Sprint, BMW, Microsoft, Wal-Mart, Merck, and 20th Century Fox.

  • CEO: Jeff Green
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Website: thetradedesk.com

    The Trade Desk powers the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology. Founded by the pioneers of real-time bidding, The Trade Desk has become the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry by offering agencies, aggregators, and their advertisers best-in-class technology to manage display, social, and video advertising campaigns. The Trade Desk has offices throughout the US, as well as in Europe and APAC.

  • CEO: David Jacobs
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: konduit.me

    Konduit helps publishers and content creators make more money by simplifying and accelerating the digital video advertising process across desktop, mobile and OTT devices.

  • CEO: Scott Bowen
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: Tenovos.com

    Tenovos helps brands tell stories that matter. The company’s Active Story Management (ASM) platform transforms the way brands connect with customers using stories that inform, inspire, connect and entertain.

  • CEO: Arjun Siva Mohan
    Location: Dubai, UAE
    Website: tenderd.com

    Tenderd helps contractors procure and manage quality construction machinery as and when they need it.

  • CEO: Jorn Grunert
    Website: exactag.com

    Exactag is a marketing attribution technology company which transforms the way marketers evaluate, measure, and optimize their marketing spend. Its machine learning algorithm based attribution and data management platform boosts marketing success by merging and evaluating data from every digital channel. Exactag’s all-in-one technology allows marketers to keep 100% control of their own data, provides full transparency about the success of digital spend, and gives guidelines of optimal budget allocation using unique game theory modeling.

  • CEO: Victor Shtrom
    Location: Los Altos, CA

    Augmented Radar Imaging delivers radar and advanced machine learning algorithms to power autonomous vehicles and warehouse robots.

  • CEO: Matt Spiegel
    Location: San Diego, CA
    Website: Lawmatics.com

    Lawmatics is a full funnel CRM, client intake and marketing automation software designed for the modern law firm.

  • CEO: Julian Glaab
    Location: Berlin, Germany
    Website: Bliq.ai

    Bliq Ride is the #1 assistant for gig workers in the transport industry. We are using large amounts of traffic data, technology and the power of the crowd to help rideshare drivers getting the most out of their time out on the road.

  • CEO: JT Batson
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: hudsonmx.com

    We wake up every day focused on 2 things: 1) Building technology that actually empowers the buyer and their agency; and 2) Reducing the operational costs to buy media.

  • CEO: Abhi Yadav
    Location: Boston, MA
    Website: Zylotech.com

    Powered by automated machine learning, Zylotech is a self-learning customer data platform that keeps their clients’ customer data live and enriched for 1:1 personalization, cross/up-selling & retention marketing

  • CEO: John Goscha
    Location: Boston, MA
    Website: NativeVoice.ai

    Native Voice works with leading brands to create the largest collection of voice services and with audio hardware device manufacturers to create the next generation of listening devices.

  • CEO: Pratik Soni
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Website: omnichains.com

    Omnichain Solutions offers a supply chain management platform that uses Blockchain to help consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and retailers drive business growth at scale. The product enables real-time transparency, trust and security across the value chain – from source to shelf.

  • CEO: Jorge Sun
    Location: Newark, NJ
    Website: LendingFront.com

    LendingFront offers the most sophisticated small business lending software in the market. The company’s platform provides a set of integrated or standalone modules covering all aspects of small business finance, from application intake and workflow, to underwriting, decisioning, origination, servicing, and collections.

  • CEO: Carter Malloy
    Location: Fayetteville, AR
    Website: acretrader.com

    AcreTrader’s platform offers investors with direct access to the highly attractive asset class of farmland within minutes.

  • CEO: Trexton Todd
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Website: adwayusa.com

    Adway is a smart mobile media network that is fundamentally digital, enabling any driver to easily earn passive income.

  • CEO: Brandon Gell
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: JoinClyde.com

    Clyde is transforming insurance at the point of sale, starting with the underserved and highly profitable extended warranty industry. The company’s marketplace of insurance and administrator partnerships, combined with plug-in technology, enables them to offer this passive revenue source to the medium and long-tale of the market at scale.

  • CEO: Quique Nagle
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: Advisr.io

    Advisr is a sales enablement platform that is purpose-built for local. The company’s SaaS solution arms local Sales Executives with data and automation to dramatically improve the quality of local marketing, shorten the sales cycle, and drive revenue.

  • CEO: Surbhi Rathore
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Website: Rammer.ai

    A complete conversational intelligence API Platform that can be natively integrated into any platform or business.

  • CEO: Karthik Sridhar
    Location: Sunnyvale, California
    Website: Supply.ai
    SupplyAI helps retailers deliver great post-sale experience to shoppers, leading to high margins & higher revenue.
  • CEO: Peter Horadan
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Website: LockstepHQ.com

    Lockstep makes it easier for your accounting department to work with vendors and customers.

  • CEO: Jan Riemens
    Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Acquired by MTG

    Europe’s No. 1 Online Video News Network, Zoomin.TV is a multinational company headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is active in 14 markets with content production in 26 markets with online advertising sales, and operates 1,650 websites, generating more than 110 million unique visitors per month. Acquired by MTG.

  • CEO: James Curran
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    Website: staq.com

    STAQ makes ad operations more efficient by unifying ad technology through reporting, connections and integrations. The company is led by industry veterans from the Rubicon Project, Collective, Advertising.com and DoubleClick. It has offices in New York City and Baltimore.

  • CEO: Ari Paparo
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: beeswax.com

    Headquartered in NY and founded in 2014, Beeswax is powering the next generation of real time bidding, providing an affordable and customizable bidder solution for ad networks, vendors, and advertisers.

  • CEO: Erwin Plomp
    Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
    Acquired by Fyber

    Falk Realtime offers a flexible back-end solution for all elements of ad serving. An interface (API) enables the feed-in of operative data – such as inventory and campaign settings – which means virtually any user interface can be docked with our back-end system. The system features data aggregation for the utilization and analysis of data. Functions and algorithms can be adapted flexibly to customer needs at any time. This flexibility is achieved through the use of plug-ins, which can even be provided by the customer if desired. Acquired by Fyber.

  • CEO: Brian Baumgart
    Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Conversion Logic is the media industry’s most intuitive cross-channel attribution platform. Built from the ground up by a team of attribution veterans, Conversion Logic’s SaaS platform is designed for CMOs, brand leads and media practitioners who need to make fast and accurate decisions in managing their multi-channel media campaigns around the world. Conversion Logic’s media agnostic technology provides actionable insights in real-time rather than days or weeks, enabling clients to rapidly adapt to changing environments. As an independent company, Conversion Logic is untethered from any media entity influence.

  • CEO: Hanno Blankenstein
    Location: Sydney, Australia
    Website: UnleashLive.com

    Unleash live is a cloud based software platform ingesting live video and imagery, applying real time A.I. analytics and delivering instant decision making capabilities to better manage field operations.

  • CEO: Jon Shalowitz
    Location: San Francisco, CA

    LiftIgniter is a personalization API for for the masses. Using machine learning, the platform-agnostic solution algorithmically personalizes every digital touchpoint in real-time to increase click-through rate, engagement, and conversion by an average of 80%.

  • CEO: Andres Blank
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: fetcher.ai

    Fetcher is an in-house recruiting assistant that simplifies the process for finding and contacting passive candidates. Fetcher fits into the existing workflow of Slack, Gmail, and multiple ATS platforms commonly used by recruiters. Using the platform, customers receive highly qualified targeted leads with little effort. Fetcher also leverages machine learning to continuously improve the quality of leads and match the right job description to the right candidates from the beginning. With Fetcher, recruiters can automate most of the search and grunt work of finding the right top-of-funnel candidates for a much lower fee and at a faster pace.

  • CEO: Connor Folley
    Location: Seattle, WA

    Downstream is a platform that allows brands and agencies to use automation to manage, scale, and optimize their Amazon Advertising campaigns.

  • CEO: Edwin Fu
    Location: Seattle, WA
    Website: placements.io

    Placements.io is a modern revenue management platform for sellers of digital advertising. The platform manages orders, inventory, billing, and integrations for direct and programmatic channels, allowing customers drive more revenue and reduce their costs of operations. Placements.io is trusted by companies such as eBay, NineMSN, SkyScanner, and Zillow.com to manage nearly a billion dollars in revenue as they build the future of their business on the platform.

  • CEO: Derek Schueren
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Website: Akorda.com

    Akorda is the premium platform for enterprises that want to accelerate the contracting process while reducing commercial cycle time.

  • CEO: Ryan Sevey
    Location: Columbus, OH
    Website: www.nexosis.com

    Nexosis is a powerful, intuitive machine learning API for developers. The Nexosis API creates scalable, machine learning models that grow with its customer’s data, automatically selecting the best suited algorithm based on the problem being solved.

  • CEO: Mike Keriakos
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: curacity.com

    Curacity is a powerful digital marketplace for top publishers and distinctive hotels. Using large data sets, their proprietary technology recognizes, optimizes and measures the impact of online content on offline hotel bookings.  The end result: hotels reach and monetize travelers at the point of inspiration; publishers earn revenue for bookings catalyzed by their content.

  • CEO: Regina Clewlow
    Location: San Francisco, CA
    Website: Populus.ai

    Populus is a platform that helps cities and private mobility providers deliver safe, equitable, and efficient streets through better data and analytics.

  • CEO: Nick Jordan
    Location: New York, NY
    Website: Narrative.io

    Narrative helps organizations execute more efficiently on their data acquisition and data monetization objectives.

  • CEO: Nicole Clark
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Website: Trellis.law

    Trellis offers a legal intelligence platform focused on local courts and judge-level analytics.

Meet the


We are Revel Partners, a unique venture capital firm, comprised exclusively of successful serial founders.

  • Chris Young


    Chris is a General Partner at Revel.  He is a serial entrepreneur and 18-year veteran of the digital video advertising space.  Chris serves on the board of directors of Hudson MX, Konduit and Zype and is a board observer at Kite.  He formerly sat on the board of Vidible, sold to AOL at the end of 2014.

    In 2013, Chris sold Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG), of which he was CEO, to Alloy Digital.  Founded in 2008, DBG emerged as content production and video content syndication platform and was at the forefront of creating digital-first content.

    Prior to starting DBG, Chris co-founded online video advertising and management solutions company Klipmart in 1999 and grew it into the nation’s largest video rich media vendor taking advertiser’s TV commercials and putting them online. In 2006, under Chris’ leadership, Klipmart was sold to now Google-owned DoubleClick. Chris assumed the role of Executive Vice President of Rich Media and Emerging at DoubleClick.

  • Thomas Falk


    Thomas is a General Partner at Revel and splits his time between New York and Berlin. Thomas currently sits on the boards of The Trade Desk and Exactag. He previously served as a board member of Limelight Networks, Adconion and smartclip.

    In 1998, at a time when few believed in the potential of the internet, Thomas founded one of the first internet companies in Germany, Falk eSolutions. He served as President EMEA at DoubleClick, after selling his company to the latter in 2006. When DoubleClick was acquired by Google in 2007, Thomas left his position. What followed was a serial founding of successful businesses, eventually transitioning to venture capital investing throughout the US and Europe. Thomas co-founded Revel in 2011.

    Throughout his career, Thomas has been significantly involved in the growth and exit of many companies including smartclip, EyeWonder, Falk Realtime, Zoomin.TV, United MailSolutions and StrikeAd to name a few.

  • Joe Apprendi


    Joe is a General Partner at Revel. He is a recognized thought leader with more than two decades’ experience as a founder, CEO and investor in SaaS technology companies. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for HudsonMX, Zylotech, Narrative, Placements.io, Zype and Curacity.

    In 2006, Joe founded Collective, a pioneer in data-driven ad technology, where he was the Chief Executive Officer from 2006 to 2016 when it was acquired by Zeta Global. Before founding Collective, Joe served as CEO of North America at Falk eSolutions, an ad technology company, acquired by DoubleClick (now Google) in 2006. Prior to Falk, Joe was Executive Vice President of Eyeblaster™ (now Sizmek), where he was responsible for sales and marketing worldwide for its rich media ad management platform. Joe previously served as Senior Vice President, North American Sales at 24/7 Real Media, now WPP’s Xaxis.

    Business Insider recognized Joe as one of its 2014 Silicon Alley List of Technology leaders. A past winner of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year® for Metro NY, Joe has served on the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). Joe is a graduate of Oberlin College, where he received his BA in Economics.

  • John Vincent


    John is a General Partner at Revel. John is a serial entrepreneur as well as a recognized digital media thought leader. Currently, John serves on the board of directors of nDorsit Technologies and VetraGenics. He formerly sat on the board of directors of Smartclip prior to its sale to Adconion in 2011.

    Prior to joining Revel, John was CEO and Co-Founder of EyeWonder, one of the original pioneers in video and rich media advertising that launched in 1999. Under John’s leadership, EyeWonder grew to become the leading interactive digital advertising provider of many of the world’s top agencies, publishers and advertisers. His vision helped drive EyeWonder’s success and eventual sale to Limelight Networks (NASD: LLNW).

    Before launching EyeWonder, John’s career includes key executive and leadership positions with Leap Online, an online marketing company that merged with EyeWonder in 1999, as well as Magellan TSA, Inc., an out-of-home media company.

  • Marcos Martinez-Villalba


    Marcos is a Principal at Revel Partners. Prior to joining Revel, Marcos was an Investment Associate at Middleland Capital, a private investment firm that focuses on global early-stage technology opportunities. While working towards his MBA, Marcos was an Investment Associate at Lavrock Ventures, an early-stage VC fund where he worked extensively on sourcing and execution of investments in the enterprise software space.

    Prior to launching his finance career, Marcos was a founder of Artelisted, an online art auction startup that connects emerging international artists with American buyers. Marcos holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

  • Jake Kupperman


    Jake is a Principal at Revel Partners. Before joining Revel, and while working toward his MBA, Jake was a Summer Associate at Bowery Capital and a Venture Fellow at General Catalyst’s Rough Draft Ventures.

    Prior to launching his finance career, Jake was an operator at multiple high-growth technology startups, most notably as an early employee at Levelset, the world’s first collaboration-driven construction payment ecosystem, and at Rocket Internet, where he helped launch The Iconic — now Australia’s number one online fashion and sports retailer.

    Jake holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

  • Varun Sridhar


    Varun is a Senior Associate at Revel Partners. Before joining revel, Varun was an Investment Banking Analyst at PJ Solomon.

    Prior to PJ Solomon, Varun worked as an Accelerator Associate at the Desai Accelerator, providing strategic and financial analysis for early-stage companies.

    Varun holds a bachelor’s degree from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

  • Bernie Li


    Bernie is a Venture Partner at Revel. He has been both an entrepreneur and early stage investor for the past 18 years. He currently serves on the board of directors of Vizetto, a next generation collaboration software provider for enterprise customers.

    Prior to joining Revel, Bernie was the Co-Founder and CFO of Pure Energies Group, a leading tech-enabled customer acquisition provider for the residential solar industry. Pure Energies Group was acquired by NRG Energy Inc. (NYSE: NRG) in 2014. Before co-founding Pure Energies Group, Bernie was a Principal with iNovia Capital, an early stage technology venture capital fund.

    Bernie has worked with MaRS Discovery District, Canada’s leading hub for rapidly scaling technology companies. There he laid the foundations for the Capital Program to help Canadian start-up companies become more knowledgeable about the fund raising process.

  • Joe Vasquez


    Joe Vasquez is a Venture Partner at Revel Partners, an angel investor, and an advisor and an innovation consultant for global brands. He was most recently a Director at Runway Innovation, a leading startup incubator and corporate innovation lab in San Francisco that was acquired in 2017 by a Global 2000 corporation. In his capacity at Runway Innovation, he oversaw a 60+ startup ecosystem, an accelerator focused on the future of work, and advised Global 2000 clients including Lenovo, Panasonic, KDDI, ADT, Fujitsu, and many others.

    Spurred by his hearing loss, Joe is alway looking for ways to create impact; he is a founder of the Michelson Runway Edtech Accelerator and a Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum. To date, Michelson Runway, an initiative of Runway Innovation, has invested in eighteen leading education technology startups with plans to invest in several more in 2019.

    Joe has taught thousands of students around the world about entrepreneurship and venture capital through the Kauffman Foundation program alongside Brad Feld, Jason Mendelson, and many others. He was also an early co-founder of StartX, a top-10 global startup accelerator based out of Stanford University that has supported hundreds of companies to date. For his work supporting startups and driving impact through tech, Joe was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 and the 40 Under 40: Tech Diversity – Silicon Valley Times lists.

  • Gayle Meyers


    Gayle Meyers is an entrepreneur, venture partner, board member, and operating partner in digital marketing with over two decades of business leadership experience. She now leverages this experience to optimize growth strategies for personal development and transformation for individuals, teams and organizations. A process her father and mentor taught her when she was struggling to overcome learning disabilities, which transformed her life. She is regularly a keynote speaker at industry conferences for companies such as Google, Verizon, Omnicom, LiveRamp, Twitter, and Oracle amongst others. 

    Meyers was the Chief Growth Officer at LUMA Partners, where she led overall marketing, branding, communications, and partnership strategy, and where she currently leads those efforts in a consulting role. LUMA is the leading investment bank focused on digital technologies, providing strategic advice, proven M&A expertise, and extensive industry knowledge to optimize more than 11 billion in transactions, IPO’s and other outcomes for their clients.

  • Thomas Servatius


    Thomas is a Venture Partner at Revel and is supporting the team with product and technology assessments. Thomas is a mar-tech veteran who has built up and led digital product and technology organizations in both start-up and corporate environments. Today he is Co-CEO of smartclip, a German based adtech company, where he is responsible for technology and platform development. Smartclip – a former Revel Partners venture – has been acquired by RTL (RRTL) in 2016 and is now leading the digitization of TV advertising for Europe’s biggest broadcasting group. Thomas has also been appointed as a member of Bertelmann’s Data and Tech Advisory Board which is coordinating the digital transformation of Europe’s biggest media, service and education group.

    Before joining smartclip Thomas has pioneered ad-technology in Europe. He incubated the technology for several Revel Partners ventures and also worked for IPONWEB in Moscow, the inventors of programmatic ad trading. Thomas holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Würzburg University and a MSc in Data Science from Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen and Mannheim University

Revel Partners




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Revel portfolio company Curacity raises $3.25M



DataRobot raises $300M Series G



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Revel portfolio company Native Voice raises $14M Series Seed



Revel portfolio company Percent raises $12.5M Series A



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