About Revel Partners

Revel Partners is an early-expansion stage fund focused on financing disruptive innovation in the areas of digital media & internet technology.  We are a close team of entrepreneurs & investors operating out of New York City. Our proven expertise in digital media innovation, venture capital investing, and our global network of relationships in the industry can empower strong management teams with good ideas to rapidly accelerate their growth.  Revel portfolio companies maximize value by not only leveraging our financial investment but also our extensive networks of relationships within the digital ecosystem.

We invest in digital media and internet technologies, broadly speaking. We have direct relevant experience in building media businesses, agencies, and technology companies.  And, our goal is to partner with great entrepreneurs that are taking innovation to the next level in these sectors.

The bulk of our investments occur at the early-expansion stage, where a company has gotten some initial sales traction but needs a capital infusion to accelerate adoption & product development.  We generally look for businesses that generate at least $1.0 million in annual revenues.

Our goal is to partner with extraordinary entrepreneurs who are taking innovation to the next level in digital media.

We’re flexible on investment size depending on the needs of the business. However, our typical initial investment ranges from $0.5 to $3.0 million. We have the resources to help you through the entire lifecycle of your company.

We usually lead or co-lead the investment rounds we participate in and always take board seats. In fact, we want to be a partner you can count on. We make sure both our money and reputation are on the line in ensuring your success.

We embrace globalization as a major trend in innovation and we actively encourage our companies to expand internationally when the opportunity arises. We generally New York focused, but also look to invest in entrepreneurs throughout the United States and Europe.

We look for innovative technologies that have the power to transform a sector and capture significant market share.  We approach each company as a unique opportunity.  We get to know you and truly understand your business & vision.

Most importantly, we invest in people. We seek entrepreneurs that have a deep understanding of their market with a strong view of the future and a strategic plan to get there.  The companies in our portfolio are all made up of teams of determined, visionary, passionate entrepreneurs, who are as excited about building industry-leading companies as we are.

We're a global firm, headquartered in New York, with offices in Dusseldorf.