Chris Young

As a Partner of Revel Partners, Chris invests in both new and existing media businesses.  His areas of particular interest include internet infrastructure, online video, mobile, and social media.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur and 15-year veteran of the digital video advertising space.  He is currently a general partner at Revel Partners.  Chris is also a partner at Wider Wake LLC, an angel investment firm and digital consulting practice.  Chris serves on the board of directors of Collective, Vidible and Believe Entertainment.

In 2013, Chris sold Digital Broadcasting Group (DBG), of which he was CEO, to Alloy Digital.  Founded in 2008, DBG emerged as content production and video content syndication platform and was at the forefront of creating digital-first content.  In 2011, DBG produced the web series, The Confession starring Kiefer Sutherland and John Hurt, debuting it on Hulu and later on Netflix.  The mission was to prove that A-list talent, A script and A production values could work digitally and not just in the traditional TV model.  In 2012 DBG won a Webby Award for the project and Forbes ranked DBG #3 on its list of America's Most Promising Companies.

Prior to starting DBG in 2008, Chris co-founded online video advertising and management solutions company Klipmart in 1999 and grew it into the nation’s largest video rich media vendor taking advertiser’s TV commercials and putting them online.  In 2006, under Chris’ leadership, Klipmart was sold to now Google-owned DoubleClick. Chris assumed the role of Executive Vice President of Rich Media and Emerging at DoubleClick, where he worked to accelerate innovation in digital video and emerging advertising formats.

Chris began his career as an investment banker at Citibank before founding his first company.

Chris holds a BS in Business from Skidmore College and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Chris loves to travel and is hooked on any amazing wine or food experience. A self-proclaimed music connoisseur, he considers himself a rock & roll savant and has decided to join the Rolling Stones as a member when they tour again…if they will have him of course -- they are still in negotiations.